Art Parties

Painting watercolor at an event

Let us bring the art to you!

You pick the date and project and we’ll bring all the art supplies to a location of your choice. You and your friends can create a fun work of art while you relax and chat.


Parties are usually $20 per person but vary based on the number of participants and the chosen media. There is a $200 per party minimum. Email to find a date.

Age Requirments?

We don’t have a specific minimum age for art parties. We love to create events for adults as well as children! Even children as young as first grade can create great pieces if they have a passion for art!


What kind of space do I need to have to host a party?

Many different spaces can work: Your living room, the neighborhood clubhouse, a classroom at church, or even the back room at a restaurant. We recommend large tables in a well-lit, open space with tile or cement floors. If you don’t have tile or cement floors, please pick up some cheap dropcloths or tablecloths to lay on your floor. (We don’t usually have big messes but we can’t guarantee a mess-free night!)

We recommend disposable plastic tablecloths for your tables. You can buy them for $1-2 at Walmart, a dollar store, or a party store. Be sure to measure your tables before you buy your tablecloths!

If the weather is nice, an outdoor space may also work, but be prepared to move inside if there’s wind or rain!

What’s your cancelation policy?

Our official policy is in our Terms of Use, however, you can find a plain version on our Cancelation Policy FAQs page.

Sample Art Projects

Here are some of the projects we’ve created in the past. You can choose one of these or we can work together to create something new!

Watercolor Cards

Other Projects (coasters, wood-slice ornaments)