Tracing Is Amazing!

It’s no secret that I’m a big advocate for tracing! There’s a vocal minority who looks down on tracing, so I was excited to do a series on our podcast, advocating tracing! I want to help you and your students be successful at art and tracing is one great tool in that process.

Here’s the Anyone Can Teach Art Podcast Episodes on Tracing:

Episode 10 (November 27, 2017): You’ll learn when and how to incorporate mindful tracing into your art lessons by using some thoughtful questions to help keep the brain engaged and learning while tracing.

Episode 11 (December 4, 2017): You’ll learn about six different methods of tracing, including my favorite, the Light Pad!

Episode 12 (December 11, 2017): You’ll join the discussion with Deanna and Julie about tracing and you hear more examples of great ways to include tracing in art.

Tracing Resources

Here are some extra resources you can use when tracing. Let me know what types of resources are most helpful to you by emailing me at

The Tracing Quick Reference Sheet

The main points from these episodes about tracing are summarized in this handy Tracing Quick Reference Sheet. It will help you remember each point and it’s great to have on hand when your art lesson includes tracing. It’s FREE for all our subscribers, so download it here!



Turkey traceableTraceables

Print out a traceable art project template and trace it with your students to create your own beautiful art! Here are some project ideas:

  • Create a set of matching gift tags
  • Make a Christmas ornament for a grandparent or home-bound friend
  • Make a thank you note
  • Trace onto a narrow piece of cardstock for a beautiful bookmark
  • Trace the image onto an unsealed tile for a decorative coaster

Check out our full collection of Art Project Templates here!

Check out the Six Simple Art Tracing Methods blog post for ways to trace to any surface


Line Drawings

Print out a line drawing and trace it with your students to create your own beautiful art, or just color the line drawing for some relaxing fun!

Check out our full collection of line drawings of famous works of art here!


*Wondering about copyright? At Ridge Light Ranch we are very careful about copyright because we value artists and we want you to be confident when you distribute items to your students. This painting is past copyright and in the public domain. In addition, line drawings of existing pieces are so unlike the original that creating and selling them is not considered infringement. Want more information? See this post: Copyright and the Art Teacher.

Whew! What an exciting December that was!! What was your favorite episode or freebie? Email me and let me know so I can create more of your favorite stuff in the future!

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