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The Basic Shapes of Trees- Podcast #49

How can we integrate science and art? There are so many ways! Today we’re starting a new series of six episodes about the integration of art and science!

We’ll start this series with a discussion about the basic shapes of trees. Basic lines and shapes are how we begin any art and it’s how directed drawings are done. Learning to see the basic shapes of any subject you draw will enable you to draw any subject. Plus learning the basic shapes of tree species will help you identify trees from afar!

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How do we capture the overall essence of a tree without drawing every leaf and branch? Knowing how to draw a tree’s overall shape comes in handy in landscape painting, backgrounds for portraits, and botanical drawings.

In science, understanding a little bit about the basic shapes of trees can help immensely with tree identification, nature journaling, and our common observation habits.

Things We Mention:

You can find the Basic Lines and Shapes of Trees art lesson plan here:

You can also find the lesson within the Science Meets Art Drawing Package of six lesson plans here:

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