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Six All American Drawing Projects for Your Classroom

Thank you all for all your encouragement and support over the last few months! You guys are so kind and I just love hearing and seeing all the art projects you’re doing in your classrooms. We’re winding down our homeschool year and I’ve been focused on planning the art curriculum for next year! We’ll be going through cycle three with our Classical Conversations community where we study American History and American Geography. So I’ve created six art projects for our fine arts drawing segment that have an American theme to them. Here’s what we’ll be doing for the first six week of our next school year!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be creating a blog post for each of these projects explaining what we’re doing each week and adding a little commentary about each lesson. So stay tuned!! In the mean time, all six lessons are complete and available for purchase in my store, individually or as a package. You can purchase the full “All American Drawing Package” here.

(CC Directors: You have permission to purchase this package once for your community and share paper copies with each of your tutors! I’m a CC Director too so I know how important that is. You can read my full Terms of Use here.)

 Week 1: Drawing Basic Shapes with American Landmarks

Week 2: Drawing the U.S. Capitol Building Using Symmetry

Week 3: Drawing Upside Down Ships

Week 4: Using Color Like Andy Warhol

Week 5: Tricking the Eye with Op Art

Week 6: Making a Statement with Grant Wood’s American Gothic


Again, you can purchase all six of these lessons in the All American Drawing Package here.


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