Train Ticket



This train ticket includes my original hand drawn train art and is made to look like a real train ticket! The original design is for a birthday party invitation but it can be easily altered for use as a gifted train ride (like Polar Express), or ephemera in a scrapbook album.

This item is two Microsoft Word files. One has a clear back ground and looks great printed on colored paper. (I know how expensive those color ink cartridges are!!) The other has textured brown back ground for printing on white paper.

Both files have no locks on them so YOU CAN MODIFY ANY OF THE TEXT. Then just print, cut, and mail! The file makes 3 invitations per page- print as many as you need! I think it works best to print them on card stock, but you wouldn’t have to do it that way.  The finished invitations measure about 7 inches x 3.25 inches.


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