Sculpting like Michelangelo- C1W17 Lesson Plan


Students will learn about the artist Michelangelo while experimenting with clay!


This lesson plan gives students the opportunity to learn about the Renaissance artist Michelangelo and create a clay bust.

Since we study Ancient – Renaissance History in cycle 1 of Classical Conversations, this project works great for the cycle 1 week 17, 30 minute fine arts final drawing project.

This 16 page lesson plan includes the following:

  • A condensed background on the artist and his artwork
  • 9 printable pictures of Michelangelo’s work
  • 1 printable portrait of Michelangelo
  • A carefully crafted sentence about Michelangelo (ideal for memorization)
  • A simple explanation of how to work with clay (Store-bought or homemade)
  • Three simple recipes for homemade clay, including suggestions for when to use which one
  • Vocabulary words and definitions
  • References to additional resources
  • Simple art project instructions
  • Materials list
  • Options for scaling the art project up or down depending on the experience level of your art students
  • Step-by-step pictorial instructions for how to “Create a Clay Bust”
  • Bonus: Access to a video demonstration of creating a clay bust!
  • Encore suggestions- These are ideas tutors can offer students for how they can repeat the lesson at home with a fun twist. If you have several hours to complete this art project, you may want to try one of these suggestions in class.

This item is also available, at a discount, within the Renaissance Artist Deluxe Package, which includes 6 lesson plans and is ideal for weeks 13-18 of Fine Arts in a cycle 1 Classical Conversations Foundations community.

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