Private Commission for Amanda Heuseveldt- Names painted on boards x3



This private commission is for Amanda Heuseveldt for hand-lettering in acrylic paint on 3 stained and sealed wooded boards, provided by Amanda. Julie will email some sketches of the lettering prior to painting the boards, for Amanda to approve. The boards will be painted as follows:

  • Board 1: Catherine Annette; Pure, God was Gracious
  • Board 2: Emmaline Jean; Hardworking & Energetic, God Graciously Gave
  • Board 3: Anneliese Lynne; God Pledged His Grace, Playful Fun

The boards will be delivered to Stephanie Neese when completed.

Please know that I have to limit the number of commissions I can take each week. Generally, your ‘place in line’ is set when you pay for your item. If you’d like to pay half upfront and half upon completion, please contact me and I’ll arrange for that.

Purchasing a work of art does not usually include reproduction rights, or a license to print copies of the artwork. As the artist, Julie Abels maintains the right to make additional copies of the artwork. If you would like reproduction rights, please email Julie about creating a contract to include reproduction rights. 


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