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Everything you need to make your six-week study of Modern Artists a breeze!

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This 81-page art curriculum was designed for a six-week art unit about 6 well-known Modern Artists.

This package is ideal for Classical Conversations (CC), Cycle 3, 3rd quarter fine arts. However, it can be used in a variety of circumstances. Looking for more help? We have a full page of free and paid helps for Cycle 3!

What Students Will Learn

This art curriculum covers six main art lessons. For each lesson, we will dive into the life of a famous Modern artist while we learn specific art concepts and experiment with several types of media.

  1. In “Remembering like Grandma Moses” we study Folk Art and the use of one of the Principals of Design: Emphasis
  2. In “Creating Cubist Art Like Picasso” we learn about the art movement Picasso created: Cubism and we learn the elements it is made of: shape, space, perspective, and color.
  3. In “Illustrating like Norman Rockwell” we learn about America’s most famous illustrator, the art of Illustration, and the impact Rockwell had on the culture around him.
  4. In “Painting in Tones like O’Keeffe” we study this “Mother of Modern Art” as we learn about the 6th Element of Art: Value. We also look at the genre of Still Life art and idea of abstractionism.
  5. In “Painting with Neutral Colors like Wyeth” we dive into color theory, experimenting with color mixing to create a palette similar to Wyeth’s.
  6. In “Painting with Primary Colors like Lichtenstein” we learn about Pop Art and go deeper into the role color plays in the emotional impact of a work of art.

This package includes:

Please look at each lesson individually for details! Each lesson plan includes:

  • A condensed background on the artist
  • A carefully crafted sentence or two about the artist that’s ideal for memorization (aka. grammar sentences)
  • A short explanation of an art concept
  • A few vocabulary words with simple definitions
  • Materials list
  • Clear and concise instructions for the art project
  • Suggestions for scaling the project to different skill levels
  • Encore ideas for extending the project and learning through repetition
  • Any extras you might need (templates, posters, cheat sheets, line drawings, etc)

*Most of our lesson plans include printable images of the artist’s work within the lesson plan. However, since most of these artists’ artworks are still under copyright, we can not include them in this product. Instead, we’ve included easy to follow links where you will find printable images of a representative sample of each artists’ art. 

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The strikethrough price is the price if you buy these all separately, so you can see it’s a great discount!

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