Language Arts Package



This digital download is a set of 8 fully editable MSWord documents (.docx), that you print on your own printer to fit your own needs. This means you can modify the text, colors, tables… anything you want! You’ll love the simple, clean design, and ability to make it your own. This package includes several files:

1) Daily Reading Log: This pair of files is perfect for allowing your student to track their own reading time. One file has the upper and lower solid line with the middle dotted line that beginning writers need, while the other has an open box area for the student to write in. Both files include a place to record the date, title, author, and time spent reading. The the bottom of the page is a place to record a total number of minutes read. It’s so fun to track that you may find yourself filling out one to record your own reading!!

2) Reading Response Page: Improve reading comprehension with this trio of files. The Reading Response page helps your student think about the book they just read by giving them a place to record the Setting, Characters, Plot Summary and their own analysis. Start your younger students with the single page file with dotted lines. Sit with them and help them identify the story elements and record them on their Reading Response page. Soon they’ll be able to fill in the table on their own! As the student becomes more confident writing, then can move to a page without the dotted lines and eventually to a two-page version, allowing them space to write full paragraphs. Both of the single page versions have “thought starters” that students can use as prompts in their analysis of the book.

3) Spelling Test Paper: Many great spelling curriculums do not include paper for students to write their spelling words on. Yet most younger elementary kids still need the dotted line paper (upper and lower solid line with the middle dotted line) in order to maintain good penmanship. So I’ve created a simple file, numbered 1-20 with those dotted lines (1-10 in the left column and 11-20 in the right column). The top of the paper has a place for the student’s name and the date so you can easily file them in order for your records. We use this paper for every spelling practice and test! Since we often conclude our spelling practice with a dictated sentence, the second page of this file is a few simple dotted lines. We print this on the back of our spelling page.

4) Spelling Dictation Paper: This file is similar to the Spelling Test Paper but its lines run the full width of the paper for longer dictation. There are no numbers on the left since some sentences often take more than one line, but there is still a place for the student to write their name and the date. Change the “Spelling Dictation” title on the page and use it for any other school work too!

5) Blank Dotted Line Paper: I love having a stack of these printed and accessible to the kids! We use them for copying sentences off the board, scribing birthday wish lists, and many other creative things the kids come up with!

FORMAT: These files are in Microsoft Word, compressed into a ZIP file. I work in Word because it is so prevalent – most users already own the software. However, you must own the Word software in order to do any modifications.


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