Full Size Weekly CC Ch Student Planner


Designed with the teen student in mind


This student planner was created with the Classical Conversations Challenge student in mind. It is a perpetual, two page, weekly view planner with 6 sections, for the 6 CC strands. Each section has 4 check boxes with space to write in assignments and due dates.

No need to buy a new planner for each year of challenge. Purchase once and edit this MSWord document as needed. You’ll love the clean design, attractive details, and the ability to Make. It. Your. Own. You can have the exact planner that fits your needs, even as they change with the seasons and the years.

I’ve been designing digital planners for 18 years now and I’m addicted to having my planner fit my exact needs. This may be the last planner you ever buy! Combine with a monthly and annual file to complete the planner that fits your needs precisely!

FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Changeable for your changing life! With these fully editable Word documents, you can change anything and everything. Most people find they only want to change a word here or there, but you have the ability to change all the words, fonts, colors, lines, spacing, bullets, even add a personal image. As always, send me a message with any questions you might have.

SIZE: The file is designed to be printed on a full 8½” x 11” paper, leaving room for punched holes for use in a 3-ring binder.

PRINTER FRIENDLY: Designed to be easy on your printer! Don’t make the expensive mistake of trying to print a calendar that’s going to take multiple color ink cartridges to print! I specialize in classic beauty that won’t run your printer dry.

FORMAT: These files are in Microsoft Word. I work in Word because it is so prevalent – most users already own the software. However, you must own the Word software in order to do any modifications.




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