Creating Texture like Morisot Lesson Plan (2nd Ed)


Learn about a famous female Impressionist while you create texture using thick paint!


In this art lesson, students learn about the famous Impressionist artist, Bethe Morisot. Then students complete a painting project focused on creating texture like Morisot using thick paint and a palette knife or painting knife. If you don’t own a palette knife, we recommend using an old gift card or credit card, cut at an angle!

The easiest way to complete this project is with acrylic paint, straight out the of the tube. However, you can also use tempera paint, thickened with a thickening paste (recipes are included int he lesson plan).

This 2nd Edition (2019), 20-page lesson plan includes the following:

  • A condensed background on the artist
  • A carefully crafted sentence about Morisot (ideal for memorization)
  • 11 Printable pictures of Morisot’s work plus a photograph of her
  • A super zoomed in picture of one of her paintings to show the texture of her paint
  • A brief overview of “texture,” one of the elements of art
  • Vocabulary words and definitions
  • Clear and concise instructions for the art project
  • A line drawing of Morisot’s painting, Girl in a Boat with Geese, which can be used in the art project
  • Materials list- common painting supplies plus a palette knife (or an old gift card as a substitute)
  • My favorite recipes for both flour and cornstarch thickening pastes
  • Suggestions for scaling the project to different skill levels
  • Encore ideas for extending the project and learning through repetition

For more info and some extra photos, check out the blog post about Morisot.

I designed this lesson plan for use in our Classical Conversations community (Cycle 2, Week 17 for Fine Arts), but you could easily use it in a variety of situations.

References to Classical Conversations do not constitute or imply endorsement by the company.

This item is also available, at a discount, within the Baroque – Impressionist Artists DELUXE Package- Cycle 2 (2019), which includes 6 lesson plans and is ideal for weeks 13-18 of Fine Arts in a cycle 2 Classical Conversations Foundations community.

Baroque – Impressionist Artists DELUXE Package- Cycle 2 (2019)

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