Commission- Wood-burned Wall Plaque for Stephanie Neese


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This private commission is for Stephanie Neese for a Custom X-Large Rectangular Wall Plaque (approximately 16″ x 12″) .

The wall plaque will be wood burned with some decorative lines, arrows, and the words (without the bullet points):

  • Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
  • Romans 8:1

Colored pencil will be used to add some red, brown, and blue accents.

The plaque will be made from an X-large basswood plank, with natural tree bark retained on the long sides. It will be about 10-12 inches wide and about 16 inches long and 0.5-0.75 inches thick, depending on available wood. Remember to keep your plaque in a cool dry place to prevent the wood from cracking with changes in humidity!

Please know that I typically only take 1 commission per week. Generally, your ‘place in line’ is set when you pay for your item. If you’d like to pay half upfront and half upon completion, please contact me and I’ll arrange for that.

Purchasing a work of art does not usually include reproduction rights, or a license to print copies of the artwork. As the artist, Julie Abels maintains the right to make additional copies of the artwork. If you would like reproduction rights, please email Julie about creating a contract to include reproduction rights. 



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