Cartography- Hand Drawn Map

This item is only available after we chat about the details of what you’re looking for! Contact Julie to work out the details!


Before you purchase this item, private message or email me (Julie at RidgeLightRanch dot com) what you’re looking for and we’ll talk about what that might look like

I love to create fantasy, historical, contemporary, or sci-fi maps. The example you see in the photos was created for the front of a short story, but I am equally open to crafting maps for display, roleplaying campaigns, or any other use. I usually draw both with pen and paper and on my iPad to create a scalable digital image of your map. I can also create hand-drawn physical maps.

Prices start at $100 and increase based on level of detail, complexity, need for color, etc.

Here’s the Process:

  1. You send me information (see below) about the map you’d like drawn, so I can understand your vision. Ideally, you should provide a simple sketch that outlines the key features and their locations. If a sketch is not available, detailed written instructions will suffice, but please ensure they are precise.
  2. After reviewing your sketch, I will estimate the time needed to complete the project and provide a quote. Prices start at $100 for a black and white simple map and increase based on level of detail, complexity, need for color, etc. I will communicate the cost clearly, in writing, before starting any work. You sign off and then pay in full (or half up front and half upon delivery).
  3. With your sketch or notes in hand, I will create a preliminary concept sketch to share with you, depicting proposed landmass sizes and the placement of cities, forests, mountain ranges, etc. This is the stage to request major changes—relocating continents, reshaping landmasses, or adding large forest sections are much more difficult to alter later in the process. Accurate feedback on this rough sketch helps us both save time.
  4. Once you approve the concept sketch, I will proceed with drawing the map. Depending on the project’s complexity, this stage can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. I will reach out with any questions during this period, but otherwise, I will follow the agreed-upon sketch and notes.
  5. Upon completing the drawing, I will add lettering and send the map to you for a final review. You will have the opportunity to request changes, and I ask that you consolidate all desired revisions into a single request to maintain efficiency. The first round of edits is free, with each subsequent round costing an additional $15.
  6. When you are satisfied with the map, I will email you the final image files in .png and .jpg formats. if you paid half upfront, I will send you a link to pay the second half.

In summary:

  1. You provide a sketch & info.
  2. I give you a price estimate & you pay 1/2 or in full
  3. I send you a concept sketch for review and you send me major changes
  4. I draw the map.
  5. I send you the map for your revisions and you send me small changes.
  6. I edit the map, send you an invoice, and the final image files.

Information I Need from You

  • A sketch showing important features and the layout of landmasses and landmarks
  • Your deadline for the completed map
  • The preferred style (e.g., color, black and white)
  • The map’s dimensions (in inches or centimeters)*
  • The intended purpose of the map (e.g., display, front matter of a book, roleplaying game)

*If you don’t specify a size, I create my maps at a 6-inch by 9-inch scale, with a resolution of 300 ppi—ideal for fitting on a single page of most print books. If you require a different size, please let me know!

Copyright and Ownership

I retain the copyright to the artwork as the original artist. However, you receive reproduction rights and exclusive usage rights. This means you can use the image in books, prints, stickers, or any other merchandise, including for commercial purposes, as long as you do not claim the artwork as your own creation. I will not grant these rights to anyone else, ensuring you are the only person who can commercially utilize the art.

While attribution (such as including ©Julie Abels on or around the image) is not required, it is appreciated. I reserve the right to include the image in my portfolio or to show it to potential clients as an example of my work. However, I will refrain from publicly displaying the image until you have done so, to avoid an early release of the image, especially if you plan a ‘map reveal’ for a book launch or similar event.


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