Baroque – Impressionist Artists DELUXE Package- Cycle 2 (2016 Archive)

This package has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.



This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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The package was designed for Classical Conversations, Cycle 2, 3rd quarter fine arts (4th Edition). However, it could all be used in a variety of circumstances.

Included in this package is:

Each lesson plan includes:

  • A condensed background on the artist,
  • Printable pictures of the artists’ work (I’ve taken the time to find images available in the public domain, because honoring copyright is important! Pick and choose what you want to print to save on ink!),
  • Printable pictures of the artists themselves,
  • A carefully crafted sentence or two about the artist that’s ideal for memorization (aka. grammar sentences).
  • A few vocabulary words with simple definitions,
  • Materials list
  • Simple instructions that any artistically challenged teacher can understand and use,
  • Suggestions for scaling the project to different ages,
  • Any extras you might need (templates, cheat sheets, etc),
  • References to some of the Classical Conversations Acts and Facts cards (available for purchase in the CC bookstore).

For more details, check out the blog post Saving Christmas with Amazing Artist Lesson Plans.

This package, like everything at Ridge Light Ranch, is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

References to Classical Conversations do not constitute or imply endorsement by the company.

These are PDF files, so you’ll need a PDF reader to view and print them. Download a free PDF Reader here:


See What Others are Saying!

“I just ordered this and am very pleased. The mini-posters and pictures that come with the lessons alone are worth the price and have saved me (and my tutors) a lot of time searching for them.” -Gina Funderburgh


“Thank you so much!  These plans are a blessing to my community.  One tutor said “these are amazing and like I hoped an art study could be!” -Becca Nelson


  • RW asked: “These lesson plans are beautiful! I love the title… Saving Christmas. I am thinking of getting the package deal, but wanted to ask if you use the materials suggested in the Great Artists book for your projects, as I already purchased these materials back in the summer? Thanks so much!”

    • Thanks for the question! The materials are the same as the book and CC’s “Getting Ready” document with these exceptions: (1) in week 14 I recommend less experienced artists trace, so if you choose this, you’ll need tracing paper. I know a lot of people like to use sandwich wrapping paper as a cheap alternative to tracing paper. (2) In week 17, I’ve switched to a different project. The materials are paper, pencils, and colored pencils (and maybe dry erase if you want the kids to try that). So you may have some materials you don’t need and can return if you switch to my week 17 project.

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