Arizona Landmarks- Digital Download


Hand-drawn map of Arizona


I drew this map of Arizona and all the little landmarks to use in a fun United States postcard exchange. I scanned it before and after I colored it with colored pencil and now I’m offering it to you! It’s beautiful in black and white or you could color it for a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Included in this item are the following files:

  • Black and white JPG of the image
  • Color JPG of the image
  • Black and white postcard PDF (sized and placed for perfect double-sided printing of 4 black and white postcards)
  • Color postcard PDF (sized and placed for perfect double-sided printing of 4 colored postcards)

You will probably need to choose “Actual Size” when printing in Adobe.

Some of the files included are PDF files, so you’ll need a PDF Reader to view and print them. Download a free PDF Reader here:

I’d love to see how you use this art, so tag RidgeLightRanch on facebook or instagram!

The Story Behind the Art

I started sketching landmarks from our travels in a travel sketchbook years ago. I enjoy the way the process secures the memories from the trip in my mind and how it helps me relax while traveling (something I don’t find easy).

In 2018, we had the opportunity to participate in a postcard exchange with people from all over the US as we learned about American History and Geography in our homeschool community. I digitized my drawings and combined them into this postcard. We sent Arizona postcards to 49 families in 49 other states and we received postcards from 49 other families in 49 other states! It was fun to see the variety and have a tiny connection to people around the country.

Recently, I decided to slightly rearrange the sketches so they all fit within the shape of Arizona and have it professionally printed as a magnet as well!


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