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“Me? Teach art? I don’t even know how to draw!!” Many of us started there. We felt a total lack of confidence about teaching art. We wanted to give our children all the benefits of art in their education but didn’t know how. Some of us did a few colorful hands-on projects with our children, but we could see they weren’t really learning the basics of art. We had never learned the basics of art ourselves.

Then, after a few years of teaching art with the classical model of education, we realized that teaching art can be as simple as teaching any other subject and we can learn it alongside our children! Now we’ve condensed our knowledge here for you. Instead of a how-to-draw book, Anyone Can Teach Art presents the scope and sequence of a classical Christian art curriculum for K-12 students. In this book, we break it all down for you. By the end of this book you’ll know:

  • Why art should be included in everyone’s education
  • What are the basics of art creation and art appreciation
  • How to use the ancient, amazingly effective, classical model of education to teach art
  • Which simple drills and exercises to include in art projects to help students advance their skills
  • How to proceed in art education once your students have mastered the basics

Learn the basics and follow the plan in this book and you’ll realize how easy it really is to teach art.

What’s stopping you from including art in your child’s education? Grab this book and get started today!

This special print copy of Anyone Can Teach Art has been signed by the author, Julie Abels. If you’d prefer an unsigned copy, contact us!

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