Ancient Art Drawing Package- Cycle 1


Six lesson plans to teach students basic drawing techniques while learning about ancient art


This 99 page art curriculum was designed for a six week drawing unit integrating concepts from Ancient history. This package is ideal for Classical Conversations, Cycle 1, 1st quarter fine arts. However, it can be used in a variety of circumstances.

This package includes:

  • Six week master materials list (not sold separately)
  • Six week master shopping list (not sold separately)
  • Six lesson plans (one for each of the six weeks of our drawing unit in cycle 1)
  • Easy Print Option- Use this if you prefer to print the color pages and the mostly black and white pages separately. (not sold separately)
    • Color pages- 46 pages with full color graphics like sample art work (reduced file size compared to individual lessons)
    • Black and White pages- 51 pages that are mostly black and white. You can print the minimal color or print as black and white

Each lesson plan includes a variety of items. Please look at each lesson individually for details. You can see a summary of this package and our other cycle 1 package here!

Separately, these items sell for almost $30, so it’s a great discount!

CC Directors: You have permission to purchase this package once for your community and share paper copies with each of your tutors! I’m a CC Director too so I know how important that is. You can read my full Terms of Use here.

References to Classical Conversations do not constitute or imply endorsement by the company.

This product, like everything at Ridge Light Ranch, is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

These are PDF files, so you’ll need a PDF reader to view and print them. Download a free PDF Reader here:


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