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  • American Gothic by Grant Wood

    Grant Woods’ American Gothic Line Drawing

  • Lichtenstein coloring sheet

    Lichtenstein’s Ohhh Alright Line Drawing

  • Coloring Sheet for Lichtenstein

    Lichtenstein’s Whaam Line Drawing

  • The Grammar of Art

    Flashcards of American Artists

  • Sale!

    American Artists Package- Cycle 3

  • Jim Davis Lesson Plan

    Creating Cartoons like Jim Davis- C3W18 Lesson Plan

  • CC Cycle 3 Week 17 Fine Arts

    Painting with Primary Colors Like Roy Lichtenstein- C3W17 Lesson Plan

  • Kids paint Christina's World

    Painting with Neutral Colors Like Andrew Wyeth- C3W16 Lesson Plan

  • Art project for Grandma Moses

    Remembering Like Grandma Moses- C3W13 Lesson Plan


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