Famous Art Line Drawings

Coloring great works of art helps us experience them in a fuller and deeper way. Not only will your students become familiar with great works of art, but they will also start to notice the elements of art and design in practice.

*Wondering about copyright? At Ridge Light Ranch we are very careful about copyright because we value artists and we want you to be confident when you distribute items to your students. Most pieces of art featured here are now past copyright and in the public domain. In addition, line drawings of existing pieces of art are so unlike the original that creating and selling them is not considered infringement. Want more information? See this post: Copyright and the Art Teacher.

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  • Medieval Art

    “Wisdom” Illuminated Medieval Manuscript

  • Dionysus Cup

  • King Tut’s Mask

  • Art Curriculum for kids

    Abstraction White Rose- Georgia O’Keeffe

  • Rockwell Christmas

    Santa and the Expense Book- Norman Rockwell

  • Line-drawing for Thanksgiving

    The First Thanksgiving


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