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Podcast #6- D&J Discuss How to Organize Your Art Class

In episode 6 of the Anyone Can Teach Art (ACTA) podcast, Deanna and Julie discuss the Ridge Light Ranch blog post, “Organizing Art” (Listen to it on podcast episode 5 or read it on the blog post.)

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Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Where are all the odd numbered podcast episodes?” Well, for now, the odd numbered episodes are audio versions of older, but very popular blog posts, so I’m not creating another blog post for them. You can find links to all of them on our Anyone Can Teach Art podcast page

Here’s the Highlights of Episode 6:

  • Separate your media & only put out one type per week
  • Have a home for the supplies on the off days / off season
  • Make a chart of 6 weeks of art projects
  • Quality vs. price
    • “Student grade” (my favorite brands of art supplies)
    • Quality makes you more likely to keep it later
    • Printer paper: at least 24 lb
  • What teachers/parents can do with finished art
    • Create a Portfolio
    • Take photos
    • Trash / recycle

Things We Mention in Episode 6:

Organizing art supplies

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