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Podcast #4: A Discussion of How to Overcome the Fear of Teaching Drawing

Here’s our 4th podcast episode! In this episode, Deanna and Julie discuss the Ridge Light Ranch blog post, “How to Overcome the Fear of Teaching Drawing.” (You can read the blog post OR listen to it in episode 3)

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Here’s the Highlights:

  • How common is this fear of teaching art? (Very!)
  • The fear of teaching art is a combination of:
    • The fear of having to draw on demand with people watching and
    • The Imposter Syndrome, which causes us to ask “Who am I to be teaching this?”
  • How do we get past the Imposter Syndrome?
    • We don’t need “experts.”
    • Just share what you know.
  • Where do we start when teaching something we’re not an expert at? Drills!
    • Drills fit nicely into the classical model of education.
    • Drills and instruction never stifle creativity.
    • Drills create an opportunity for creativity to emerge.
    • The effect of drills is self-leveling. (They work for all skill levels.)
    • Be willing to try. Be willing to fail!

Things we mention is this episode:


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