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Podcast #16: Why Study Norman Rockwell

The 2nd artist we’ll study in our spring semester is Norman Rockwell. Who was he? What was his art like and why should we study him?

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Here’s the Highlights:

  • Who was Norman Rockwell
    • His life: Well know, 4000 pieces of art
    • Lived from 1894-1978 (84 years)
    • He loved to draw from a young age and went to art school
    • Most of his art was created for the Boy Scouts and the Saturday Evening Post
    • Historical & Geographical Context: WWI, Depression, WWII, Civil Rights Movement
  • What were his paintings like?
    • Illustrations- Fine Art world didn’t consider “illustrations” to be “fine art”
    • Most were Nostalgic, lighthearted, pleasant – later in life he did some more politically inspired pieces
    • Moments in Time, clear focal point (Opposite of Grandma Moses)
    • Highly reflective of the culture
    • Often humorous
  • Why study Norman RockwellSo we understand his art better
    • It gives us a better sense of life in that time period
    • It helps us understand the importance of human posture in art
    • It’s enjoyable
    • It inspires us to look more carefully at art on Magazines and in books- value the illustrator
    • It inspires us to make art!
  • Then we report on our art time over the holidays (39:42)
    • I tried out some chalk and oil pastels
    • We’re both in love with Faber Castell’s Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils, and
    • Deanna gets her questions answered about posting her painting of someone else’s painting.
  • Last, we announce the winner of our $50 December giveaway! Congrats CCofEriePA! Thanks for posting your photos of RLR inspired art!

Things we mention:

Rockwell’s Art We MentionedArt lesson about Norman Rockwell

WikiArt.com is a great place to see most of Rockwell’s paintings. Here are the paintings we looked at in this episode:

  • Boy with a Baby Carriage (pictured here)
  • They Remembered Me
  • Soldier and Conrads
  • Stuck Inside
  • Rosie the Riveter
  • The Problem We All Live With
  • Lincoln for the Defense
  • The Golden Rule
  • The Music Man
  • The Runaway
  • Doctor

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