Deanna & Julie discuss Grandma Moses: Who was Grandma Moses? What were her paintings like? Why should we study her? Join us as we chat about the life and works of this American icon and grow to truly appreciate her paintings.

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Art Project for Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses Discussion Topics

  • Who wasGrandma Moses
    • Her life
    • Historical & Geographical Context
  • What were her paintings like
    • Broad Panaramas
    • No focal point (in later works)
    • Extended family and community
    • Optimistic Memories
    • No technology
  • Why study Grandma Moses
    • So we understand her art better
    • It gives us a better sense of life in the late 1800’s
    • Inspires us to record our memories and not get hung up on perfection or realism

Grandma Moses

Things we mention:

Works We Mention by Grandma Moses:

Each of these works by Grandma Moses are available at WikiArt’s Grandma Moses page.

  • The Burning of Troy in 1862 (1943)
  • Catching the Thanksgiving Turkey (1943)
  • The Thunderstorm (1948)
  • The Quilting Bee (1940s)
  • Shenandoah Valley; 1861 News of the Battle (1938)
  • Sugaring Off (1943)
  • County Fair (1950)
  • A Tramp on Christmas Day (1946)
  • Waiting for Christmas (1960)


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