Planners- Weekly Full Size

Great choice! You’re going to love all the extra space to write in the details of your life in this universal 8.5 x 11 size!

Step 2. Pick Your Weekly Planner

This is where I find some of the strongest opinions. Different structures work better for different people. Do you usually think of your life in one hour increments? Do you prefer to organize by topic or by person?

Pick one of these weekly planners and add it to your cart:

  • Hourly Weekly Planner: This is a traditional calendar that gives one line per time segment- usually an hour or half hour
  • Sectional Weekly Planner: This calendar is designed for those of us who wear multiple hats and need a separate block for each topic. For example, you might have one block for work, one for school, and one for home. Or perhaps you’re keeping track of multiple people’s lives and you need a block for Suzie, a block for Timmy, a block for your hubby, and a block for yourself. Since the file is editable, you can just type in whatever headings make the most sense for you.

We also have some great weekly planners specifically designed for homeschoolers:

*Note: My weekly view calendars are all perpetual calendars (none are dated for a specific year).

Click through these links above and add a weekly planner to your cart.

Good job picking one of these great planners! Now, let’s move on to picking out a Monthly Planner!

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