Planners- Full Size Extras

That’s it! You’re done picking out the most important components of your planner. Now we get to have some fun with…

Step 4. Add on Some Extras

Now You Can Have Fun with Extras! There are so many other things you could add into your planer. I give you permission to go a little crazy now. Have fun! Make your planner your own and make it work for you! Here’s a list of some of the items we offer:

  • Meal Planning bundle with grocery lists and meal ideas is handy
  • Hand-lettered art makes pretty section dividers and if you print them in black and white you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of coloring it in yourself. Check out our full selection!
  • Have some suggestions for other files I should add to the mix? Email me. 

That’s it! You made great choices I’m sure!

Head on over to your cart to complete your purchase.

Then you’ll be able to instantly download and print the files out or customize them and then print. The real power of all these files comes as you use them and make small changes to them.

Soon, you’ll have a printable calendar that reflects your family’s unique rhythm. Some people tell me they have several versions of the file saved for different seasons (summer, Christmas, etc). Now, sit back, and marvel and the beautiful planner you created and sigh in relief:  

You never need to try to fit your life into someone else’s planner again.

Want to Go Back and Start Over?

Here are the first three steps we went through!

  1. Pick your planner size.
  2. Pick your full size weekly planner.
  3. Pick your full size monthly planner.