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The Personal Renaissance Mindset- Part 1- Podcast #55

We love telling all about our own personal renaissance activities each episode (the things we’re learning and creating)- But how can we foster this mindset of a lifelong love of learning in ourselves and in our children? We’ve thought up a few keys and wanted to share them with you!

Elements of A Personal Renaissance Mindset

1. A Love of Learning

  • Remembering that learning can take place anywhere, not just in formal educational settings
  • Focus on the verb (process), not the Noun (result) (Austin Kleon’s book, Keep Going talks about this.)
  • We never quit out of frustration. We can take a break, try again, or ask for help
  • “It’s ok not to know. It’s not ok not to try”
  • “Try it. You’ll either get the result you want or the lesson you need” -James Wedmore
  • Persevere! Doing hard things is good for the brain! (Po Bronson talks about this in NurtureShock)

(Yes, we were right! “Renaissance” means rebirth, renew or revival!)

2. An Accurate Understanding of “Expert”

  • The idea that we’re “Experts” or “Beginners” is a false dichotomy
  • You don’t have to become an expert at everything you start learning
  • Being a “Jack of All Trades” does NOT prevent you from being a master of several things as well.
  • You don’t have to be an “expert” to teach!! Be the lead learner and teach what you know.
  • Aim to get a foundation in all subjects!
  • We learn in layers. “Put another coat of paint on that.”

Things We Mentioned

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