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Need Reference Photos?

Drawing from a reference photo is sooo much easier than drawing from life, but sometimes you and your students don’t have a photo of your own that’s quite what you’re looking for.

Using someone else’s photo without permission is copyright infringement!

This is why I have a stash of photos available on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/ridgelightranch/) with an “Attribution Creative Commons” License, FREE for your use!

This means you and your students are welcome (and encouraged) to use my Flickr photos to create new works of art for fun or for sale, as long as you let people know where the original photo came from. (This is NOT true for all photos on Flickr!)

When you use one of my photos, you need to include something like “Original photo by Julie Abels” or “Photo Credit: Julie Abels” to be legit. If you’re online, please also tag me or link to my website: ridgelightranch.com

I want to inspire you to create art and I’m excited to see all the beautiful things you make from my photos, so let me know! ? Learn more about copyright and my terms of use here!



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