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HP Instant Ink Saves the Day!

Do you ever run across something that you love soooo much you find yourself telling everyone you know about it?  One of those things for me is HP Instant Ink. I discovered it a year ago when I had to buy a new printer. (Ok, the truth is that the lady in Office Max sold me on it.)  As I grew tired of looking at all the different printers and begged my husband to just pick one out for me, I noticed all the advertising stickers on all the new printers for this new-fangled pay-per-sheet printing program. I started asking questions about it and was impressed. I’m generally opposed to monthly payments on anything, but every time I ran the numbers I was astounded that this program would let me print FULL COLOR for just 3 cents each!

As a homeschooler, CC Director, and general fan of paper, I started imagining all the things I’d print if color printing were so cheep.  However, it all sounded too good to be true. What finally hooked me was the free trial period. After reading the fine print and deciding that it really was a free trial, I signed up for the largest ($10/month) plan knowing I could move down to a lower plan later.

Now I’m here to tell you, it’s everything I thought it would be!! After a full 12 months on the program, I’m totally sold on it. I’ve been printing 300 pages a month for $10 a month and I’ve had zero problems with the program. I’m a little surprised as how many pages I print each month, but when I look at how often I buy a ream of paper, I really shouldn’t be surprised. Honestly, I struggle to remember what life was like before HP Instant Ink! I love it so much, I may just marry it!!  If you love color printing (like me), I highly suggest HP’s Instant Ink program. (This affiliate link should give you a free month if you want to try it out!) I print everything for just 3 cents a sheet, even FULL COLOR!  It’s just so exciting!!

I actually think this program would be even better for very occasional printers. I know my mom and dad get really frustrated when they but a $30 ink cartridge to print one thing. Then 3 months later, when they need to print something else, they find that the ink cartridge has dried out. Instead for spending $30 on a new cartridge each quarter for $120 a year, they can spend $3 a month totaling $36 a year on FULL COLOR ink!

What would YOU print if full color cost just 3 cents???

Here are some of the details you’ll need to know:

  • You need one of HP’s qualified printers. This is usually just one of their newer printers because it needs to connect to wi-fi and talk to HP all the time (a little creepy, I know).
  • You need wi-fi as explained above.
  • The printer knows when it’s running low on ink. The printer then orders itself more ink and it shows up in your mailbox (if only my dog would start monitoring his dog food supply and ordering himself more food when it’s getting low…).
  • There are three different plans, in case you don’t print as much as I do:
    • 50 pages $3/month
    • 100 pages for $5/ month
    • 300 pages for $10/month
  • Some of your unused pages can roll over each month but theres a limit to how much you can accumulate.

It’s that simple! If you have a printer that qualifies, I would try it out. How can you go wrong with a free 1-month trial? (This is an affiliate link, so if you use it, I’ll get a little credit on my hp Instant Ink account at no additional cost to you.)

In case the curiosity is killing you, we went with the HP OfficeJet Pro 6830. This is not a review of HP’s printers, but I’ll tell you: it’s broke twice now within the first 6 months, but HP has replaced it free each time and now it’s lasted great since January of 2016…

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