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Illuminated Manuscripts- Podcast #33

We’re going back to the Book of Kells and other illuminated manuscripts (as promised in episode 31 about Ancient Celtic Abstract Art)! In this episode we answer the questions:

  • When and where were Illuminated manuscripts created? What were they?
  • What can we learn from looking at several examples of Illuminated manuscripts?
  • How do illustrations stack up against other fine art?
  • What subject integration opportunities fall along side Medieval illuminated manuscripts?

Catch all the Episodes about Drawing Ancient Art:

This podcast episode goes along with our Illuminating a Medieval Manuscript lesson plan.  I included this in with the Ancient Art Drawing Package to provide some continuity as we move on to Renaissance artists next. The illuminated manuscripts from the Medieval period provide a great sampling of Medieval art and a great example of how the art changed over the years. It’s hard to really appreciate how revolutionary Giotto (1270-1337), the early Renaissance (maybe even Pre-Renaissance) artist, was if you haven’t seen anything like the Stammheim Missal

Some things we mention:


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