How to Succeed with Cartography: Tips and Resources:

I’ve been working through a cartography class with my son in his 7th-grade year and recording what has worked well and what didn’t. Here are my best tips and tricks for succeeding with cartography. Below I also include some extra resources you might find helpful!

Drawing in Cartography

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Articles / Posts:

Drawing in Challenge: How to Avoid Tears and Enjoy LearningThe 5 main challenges most students face with trying to draw maps in Cartography and how to address them. (References to Classical Conversations do not constitute or imply endorsement by the company.)

5 Practical Tools for Drawing MapsThe 5 ways you can approach the art and science of drawing maps.

How to Set up a Community Map Challenge- I did this when I directed a Classical Conversations Foundations (K-6th grade) community and we all traced maps all week long. It was GREAT preparation for Cartography!

How to Schedule a Year of Cartography– Ideas for what to draw each day and a schedule for how to divide the world up into a 30-week or 36-week school year.

Other Cartography Resources

boy holding hand drawn map


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What kind of paper do you use for drawing maps?

We used a mix of blank printer paper (which we 3-hole punched) and loose-leaf graph paper. (FiveStar is my favorite brand of graph paper BY FAR!) We put everything in a 3 ring binder to keep it organized.

What’s been your experience with map-making? Got any questions or tips you want to share? Let me know on Facebook or via email: julie (at)