How to Listen to Our Podcast

Podcasts are an easy way to learn new things, be entertained, or catch up on the news. They are like short articles in a magazine, but are in audio format. There are several different ways you can listen to a podcast:

  • Directly on a website
  • In an app (like iPhone Podcast, Stitcher, Google Play, etc)

If You’re On a Computer

If you’re on a computer, it’s probably easiest to listen to our podcast directly from our website. Go back to our podcast page, scroll down, and click the green triangle to play an episode.

If you find you enjoy listening to Podcasts on your computer, you can set them up in iTunes and have iTunes notify you when more episodes are available.

If You’re On an iPhone/iPad

If you have an iPhone, the apple Podcast app is probably easiest. While on your iPhone, click this link to our Anyone Can Teach Art podcast in iTunes. It will open the Podcast app (a purple square with white symbols). Click ‘subscribe’ and then click the triangle to play. If you scroll down, you can choose which episode to play.  Apple has a Podcast FAQ page that will help answer additional questions.

You can also use Stitcher on your iPhone. It’s a similar process, but check Stitcher’s website for more details.

If You’re on an Android

If you’re on an android, Stitcher is probably the easiest app to use. While on your android phone, click this link to our Anyone Can Teach Art Podcast in Stitcher, and it should prompt you to install the app and create a login.  If you already have the app, the link should take you to our podcast. Tap the big + sign to add our podcast to your favorites and the press the triangle next to the episode you want to play. Stitcher also has some great help on their website!