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How to Host Painting Parties with Emily Magone- Podcast #48

Why not earn some extra money hosting painting parties this summer?

As homeschoolers, our summers are usually a little bit more relaxed than the school year. That makes summer the perfect time to start a little business on the side!

My friend Emily Magone is offering all her advice and experience about hosting painting parties in her new package: “Start Your Own In-Home Painting Party Business.”

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Emily is focused on helping full-time artists supplement their income with painting parties, but everything she says can apply to anyone interested in hosting painting parties. You really don’t need to be a full-time artist to host these parties!

Plus, this package, at $35, is so cheap that you can easily earn that investment back in your first party. So why not try it? I know I plan to!!

No, I’m not an affiliate for Emily. I don’t earn anything from her sales and she didn’t pay me to do this interview. I just think this is a really great idea for anyone looking to earn some extra income this summer! Here at Ridge Light Ranch, we love helping parents teach their children art. However, I love this idea of helping parents learn art too! 

So check out Emily’s package here: “Start Your Own In-Home Painting Party Business.”

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