Homeschooling Helps

It’s no secret that we homeschool here at the Ridge Light Ranch. While it’s a lot of hard work, It’s been an amazing blessing to us. Throughout the school year, I end up creating a good number of files that we use in our home school. It can take a lot of time and mental energy to create a digital file, so why should you reinvent the wheel? I happily offer these items to you at a great price. The great thing about my products is that I leave them open and unlocked so you can tweak them as needed.

Our favorite part of homeschooling is Classical Conversations (CC). Sometimes I feel like we live and breathe CC! As a CC Director myself, I love to share things I’ve created for my own community with other CC Directors and other interested educators.

You’ll find that some of my files are CC-specific. However, most of them could be used by any parent- from the parent who wants to augment their child’s public school education, to the private school teacher, to the CC Director.

(This site is independent of Classical Conversations® and was not created, authorized, or supervised by Classical Conversations®. While this site is intended to complement and expand upon the Classical Conversations® material, the materials were not prepared by and are not approved for use by Classical Conversations® as part of their sanctioned educational model.)

Recent Homeschooling Blog Posts

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  • Introduction to Nature Journaling
    Have you heard of “Nature Journaling?” I’m guessing you have, but have you actually tried it? Most of us have a vague idea of what’s involved, but when we set out to give it a shot, we’re not totally sure what to do! While there’s no right or wrong way to do it, some additional…
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    Overall, I really like the footnotes in the classics and think it’s worth it to purchase them if you can. I’m not impressed with the original works.
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    Short Answer: Yes! There are numerous benefits to coloring- both art benefits and non-art benefits and I want to tell you about some of the most important ones. Some of these benefits are similar to the benefits of tracing, but there a few unique ones too. Before we jump in, I feel compelled to point…
  • Drawing in Challenge: How to Avoid Tears and Enjoy Learning
    Our family has been using the Classical Conversations curriculum since 2012, but this fall (2020) will be our first year in the Challenge level! As my oldest moves into 7th grade, I find myself having to re-work the way I approach school with my son. Among the many exciting changes is the introduction of a…
  • Art Resources
    I love the spirit of generosity I’m seeing among so many online businesses right now. Knowing that there are a bunch of people stuck at home, feeling a little confused on how to act, and maybe a little anxious, many businesses have made extra resources free for you while we all weather this ‘storm’ of…