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The World’s Most Amazing Homeschool Planner

Homeschooling is a rich and unique experience for each family and student. So how do we find a planner that works for what we’re doing? There’s certainly no shortage of PDF Planners on the market- but what if you’re life doesn’t look exactly like everyone else’s? You can’t tweak a PDF to give you a little more space in this column or a few more check boxes in that column.

The variety I see in different families is one of the things I love most about homeschooling! So I’ve created some tailor-made planner files for homeschooling. They’ve been really helpful to me in different seasons of homeschooling. However, I know your life is unique and you may need something different than what has worked for me, so I give you my planners in Microsoft Word with no locks or passwords. They look great as is, or you can tweak / change anything in the whole file. It turns out, the world’s most amazing planner is the one you design yourself and I’m going to help you do it!

You could start from scratch creating your own planner, but why reinvent the wheel? Start here and begin using the planner pages below.  It’s so easy and simple. Then, as time go by, edit and change what you need. Save each version in case you want to go back to it someday! This may be the last planner you ever buy!

Build your Homeschooling Planner

You’ll want to walk through the general planner products we have available and the simple 4 step process to build your own planner. We make it really simple and straightforward to pick out what you need. However, here, I want to highlight the homeschool specific files we have for both parent-teachers and students:

Annual Homeschool Planner

We love to have some wiggle room in our schedule, but I also like to have a rough plan for the year so I’m confident we’ll cover everything we need to cover. With this Annual Planner, I simply print out one copy for each student and fill in a rough idea of what we’ll study and what lesson we need to be on at the end of each quarter to finish the year as planned. One of the photos is an example I created to show you how I use this product. Of course, you can also adjust this July-June calendar to reflect your homeschool year and then print them. Purchase the Annual Homeschool Planner here.

Weekly Homeschool Mom Planner

I thought homeschooling was pretty simple until I started teaching my 2nd child. Then I realized that I couldn’t keep track of who was doing what. So, I created this weekly planner. I can write in the dates, jot down my ideas on what each student needs to do each day and then check off the boxes as we go! This weekly perpetual planner is a two page, weekly view calendar with 4 different sections for 4 different kids’ daily work. (Have less than 4 kids? Edit the section titles for your own to-do list!) Each section has 6 lines for 6 school subjects. There’s a key in the bottom left corner of the sheet, which is, of course, is fully editable. This means you can change it if it doesn’t fit what you’re doing! Purchase the Homeschool Mom planner  here.

Elementary School Kid Planner

This file is great for kids who are just starting to be responsible enough to do some of their school work independently. I just write in any details my student needs and then lay this page with any worksheets or copy work on his/her desk in the morning. Then the children can get started on their school work while I’m cleaning up breakfast and they can check off the boxes as they go. (My kids love it when I add some little clip art to the boxes!) Purchase the Elementary School Kid Planner here.

Weekly Teen Student Planner

The idea is similar to the Kid Planner, but it’s designed more with the older student in mind. You can have them write in their own assignments, planning what to complete each day and develop their sense of ownership in their education!

Add the items you want to your cart and then go walk through the simple 4 step process to build your own planner.


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