Giveaway- Dec 2017

Thank you for your interest in the Anyone Can Teach Art Podcast December 2017 Giveaway here at!

Have you picked out what you’ll spend your $50 on at if you win?

I hope you’re able to set aside some time to do art over the holidays! When you do, snap some photos and show us all! Here’s some sample photos to get your creative juices flowing:

To Enter This Giveaway, Post a Photo and Tag Me!

Here’s more details:

1. Post a photo on your own Facebook or Instagram account of you or your students using some idea, lesson, or freebie from or the Anyone Can Teach Art podcast. You can post a photo of the art being created or the finished work of art.

2. In the comments, explain which idea, lesson, or freebie you used from or the Anyone Can Teach Art podcast.

3. Tag me @RidgeLightRanch.

I look forward to seeing all your photos!

The Rules of the Giveaway.

The giveaway is open from December 1-31, 2017. A random entry will be chosen on Jan 1, 2018 and the winner will be announced during the January 8th, Anyone Can Teach Art podcast (episode 16).

The winner will receive a coupon code worth $50 off a single purchase, expiring January 1, 2019. All $50 must be used in a single purchase. The coupon code has no cash value. Items purchased can not be returned or refunded.

You may enter as frequently as once per day with a new photo for each entry.

Please be aware that the photo must be shared publicly in order for me to see it. If you keep your account private, I might not be able to see it!

I will be randomly reposting and sharing images on the same social media platform they were originally posted on, tagging the original poster.

Be sure you have permission before posting a picture of someone else. If there are students in the photo of whom you are not the parent/guardian, you need their parent’s permission and may want them to sign a photo release. You bear the responsibility for obtaining permission.

This contest is NOT sponsored by Instagram or Facebook.

Another Option: If you do not have a facebook or Instagram account, you can email me a photo at instead. For this email option, you may only include photos of yourself and students of whom you are the parent/guardian. You must include the following standard photo release language in your email so I have permission to post the photo and use it in my business for advertising and such:

“Release & Authorization. I voluntarily, submit this photo to Julie Abels and Ridge Light Ranch / Anyone Can Teach Art. My participation is voluntary and I will receive no compensation. I certify that I took this photo myself. I certify that the only people appearing in this picture are myself and/or minors of which I am the Parent/Guardian. I, hereby grant Julie Abels, Ridge Light Ranch, and Anyone Can Teach Art, permission to use, show, reproduce, change, profit from, and disseminate (“Use”) this photo, my name and my likeness (“Likeness”), in all forms throughout the world in all publications, including but not limited to, print and digital media (“Materials”). I waive any right to inspect or approve any Materials that may be made using my Likeness and waive any claim to Materials made using my Likeness. My Likeness may be used at Julie Abels’ sole discretion, alone or in conjunction with any other Materials. I understand and agree that Julie Abels is and shall be the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest, including but not limited to copyright and rights of publicity, of any Materials containing my Likeness. I release and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Julie Abels from any and all claims I may have now or in the future for any other cause of action arising out of the Use of my Likeness. I am of full legal age, and I have read this Release & Authorization and understand its contents. If there are minors in this photo, I, the minor child’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) indicate, on behalf of their minor child, their full and unqualified consent to the terms of this Release & Authorization”


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