Free Symmetry Drawing Lesson Plan

You’d like to teach art to your children, but…

If you’re like me, you’re a busy mom who struggles to find extra time. We love including art in our homeschool, but who has the time to create an actual art lesson plan? It can take several hours to plan out an art lesson and gather the needed visuals and samples. For most of us, that means we just never get around to teaching art to our kids.

Allow me to help by giving you this free lesson plan.

It costs $4.99 in my store, but today, it’s my gift to you and your family!

If you feel like you just don’t know enough to be an art teacher, rest assured, anyone can teach their children the basics of art! This is my passion- please allow me to help! I desperately want to help you overcome your fear of teaching art!  I used to feel like I was defective in my lack of art skills and knowledge, but the Classical model of education helped me learn about HOW to learn and allowed a deep love of art and art history to grow within me. I now use the concepts of Classical education in all my lesson plans to make it easier to learn.

You can use these lesson plans as a script and read them with your child or you can read them through and then put it in your own words. I bet you’ll find yourself drawing with your children and being amazed at your budding interest in art!

Here’s my Symmetry Drawing Lesson Plan featuring Leonardo da Vinci. In this lesson we’re drawing a space shuttle. You can use it on it’s own or combine it with a study on Leonardo da Vinci, a science lesson in astronomy, or a history lesson involving the US Space Program!