Financial Help

I sometimes receive emails asking if we offer discounts, financial assistance, scholarships, or donations. I like to be upfront and transparent, so here’s where I’m laying it all out for you! I understand how life throws us curve balls and sometimes the budget gets hijacked. Here are the ways we can help:


We can’t tell you what the future holds, but historically, we have often run an Early Bird Sale each spring. Julie gets antsy each April and wants to shake it up, so we usually run a 20% off sale on everything!

We often run a sale on physical art and commissions in the fall, before the Christmas rush, to try to spread out the crazy that comes around the holidays.

Be sure you’re subscribed to our email list, so you’re aware of when we run a sale!

Group Discounts

If you have a group of families you homeschool with and they each want to purchase our products, you may be eligible for a group discount. Currently, groups of 5 or more receive a 20% discount and groups of 15 or more receive a 30% discount. Download our Group Discount Form and contact us with any questions you have about group discounts.

Affiliate Programs

If you love our products so much that you’re willing to help us sell them to others, contact us about joining our affiliate program where you can earn cash for referrals!

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

We want everyone to have access to art instruction, so if your students want to do art and you don’t have a way to pay for it, please apply for a Ridge Light Ranch Scholarship. We ask that you use this form to make your request: Scholarship Application


We enjoy being able to support organizations throughout our community and the world. Here in Tucson, we are privileged to support the Gospel Rescue Mission and CREW at the University of Arizona. We also occasionally donate physical items for fundraising purposes, like silent auctions. We are only able to donate a few items each year, so if your organization would like to request a physical product donation, we ask that you use this form to make your request:: Donation Request Form.