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I’ve found that our family does a great job of memorizing anything that I have on a cute little flashcards. We carry these flashcards everywhere and review them over meals, while waiting in line anywhere, in front of grandparents, etc.   I’ve also found that if I don’t have it on a flashcard, we really struggle to get it memorized. So, even though we’ve been through all three CC Cycles, we really haven’t memorized the bible verses very well.  This year, for Cycle 2, I’m determined to memorize Ephesians 6 so I made flashcards! In our community, we’re memorizing the chapter in 12 weeks to allow time for memorizing the books of the Bible and the Presidents during opening meeting, but I went the extra mile and made flashcards for 12 OR 24 weeks. I also created the flashcards in both KJV and NIV. You can find them in my etsy Store!

You’ll find both an MS Word file and an identical PDF with Ephesians 6 on them, ready to print with very faint cutting guide lines. The flashcards are designed to be printed double sided. I printed mine on cardstock, laminated, cut and then hole punched them. The finished cards print as 2″ x 3.5″ (just like the Classical Conversations flashcards). I hope you enjoy them and they make your memory work easier!


I’ve also written out all our hand motions for Ephesians 6 and made them available in a free download!

Save for Later - CLICK HERE to download this post as a PDF.

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