CC Cycle 3 Art Lessons

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You Can Easily Teach Art Using the Classical Model of Education

Are you busy? Planning art projects that focus on the fundamentals (the grammar) of art takes hours of time. However, there’s no need to spend your limited free time reinventing the wheel by writing art lesson plans. I want to give you my complete art lesson plans for your homeschool community so you can reclaim your time.

Benday dots like Lichtenstein

No one wants to spend their evenings and weekends writing lesson plans. We all want to just relax… maybe read a book, watch our kids play soccer or chat with friends…  But how can you relax with all these art projects hanging over your head?

“What exactly are we going to do for art each week? How can I make this art project work for both 4 year olds and 12 year olds? How can we make sure we’re teaching some real art principles in such a short time block? What supplies should I purchase?

I get it, I’ve been a Classical Conversations SR, Director, and Foundations tutor myself and plenty of my evenings and weekends have been anything BUT relaxing. However, this year, I finally created all my art lesson plans ahead of time and pulled together an organized, succinct shopping list before the summer even got into full swing! No need to re-invent the wheel- I’m sharing all my lesson plans with you here, so you can relax too!

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Are you curious about what a Ridge Light Ranch art lesson plan looks like?

Download a sample art lesson plan here.

All American Drawing Art Lessons

(Weeks 1-6 in CC, cycle 3)

  • Week 1: Lesson Plan and Blog Post: Looking for Basic Shapes in American Landmarks
  • Week 2: Lesson Plan and Blog Post: Drawing the U.S. Capitol Building using Symmetry
  • Week 3: Lesson Plan and Blog Post: Drawing Upside Down Ships
  • Week 4: Lesson Plan and Blog Post: Using Color like Andy Warhol
  • Week 5: Lesson Plan and Blog Post: Tricking the Eye with Op Art
  • Week 6: Lesson Plan and Blog Post: Making a Statement with Grant Wood’s American Gothic

All American Drawing Package- Cycle 3

Amazing American Artists Art Lessons

(Weeks 13-18 in CC, cycle 3)

By mid April, 2020, we’ll update this package to include a Pablo Picaasso lesson plan in lieu of the Jim Davis leesson plan.

During the 3rd quarter, we’ll be having fun with these Amazing American Artists lesson plans:

Amazing American Artists Package

You can also purchase this set of lesson plans in a great package deal. There are two options for this package, so let me show you the difference between them:

Choose the package that works best for you!

If you’re curious about what supplies you’ll need to complete these lessons, you can download the Cycle 3 Amazing American Artists Materials List here.

American Artists DELUXE Package- Cycle 3

American Artists Package- Cycle 3

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