Art Lesson Plans for CC’s Cycle 3

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Here at Ridge Light Ranch we love to help Classical Conversation’s Foundations Tutors and Directors reclaim their time by providing complete scripted art lesson plans that use the classical model of education.

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First Quarter: All American Drawing Art Lessons

Since we’re studying American history and geography, we’re using an American theme in our first quarter drawing lessons. From famous US landmarks, to Stars and Stripes, your students are going to love these art lessons as they practice the basics of drawing!

In these six lesson plans students draw the U.S. Supreme Court building and the U.S. Capitol building, and an Age of Exploration era ship. Students practice color theory and perspective by either coloring or drawing their own designs and then finish out the quarter by creating their own rendition of American Gothic. The same lesson plans also cover these drawing basics: using basic shapes and the components of shape to draw, the 7 Elements of Art, the Principles of Design, the use of symmetry in art, the exercise of upside-down drawing, abstract art, and linear perspective.

Art Curriculum for American History

These 6 lesson plans are available individually, or at a discount in the “All American Drawing Package,” which is ideal for weeks 1-6 of Fine Arts in a cycle 3 Classical Conversations Foundations community. The package includes some helpful extras like a supply list and a shopping list.

Third Quarter: Modern Artists Art Lessons

We’re diving into Modern and Contemporary Art and studying mostly American Artists- just Picasso is not an American. In this quarter, students will study 6 different types of Modern or Contemporary art as they study 6 different artists. We study the early Modern art movement of Impressionism in cycle 2 but there are even more types of Modern and Contemporary art we don’t have time to study in class! (Confused? maybe this guide to Art Periods and Movements will help!) There’s just so much good stuff to learn!

(This package was previously called the “Amazing American Artists Package,” but was renamed when Picasso was added)

  1. Week 13: Grandma Moses (Folk Art)
  2. Week 14: Picasso (Cubism)
  3. Week 15: Georgia O’Keeffe (Modern Art)
  4. Week 16: Norman Rockwell (Illustrations)
  5. Week 17: Andrew Wyeth (American Regionalism)
  6. Week 18: Roy Lichtenstein (Pop Art)

You can purchase this set of 6 lesson plans in a great package deal. If you’re curious about what supplies you’ll need to complete these lessons, you can download the Cycle 3 Amazing American Artists Materials List here. (It’s included with both Modern Artist Packages.)


The deluxe package includes everything the basic includes plus a set of flashcards and a timeline for the Modern Period of the Arts

Bonus: Jim Davis

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