CC Cycle 2 Art Lessons

Are you ready for Cycle 2 Art?

These art lessons are great for Classical Conversations, Cycle 2 (5th Ed. Foundations Guide).

(References to Classical Conversations do not constitute or imply endorsement by the company.)

New Science Meets Art Drawing Lessons

We’ve added a new set of 1st quarter drawing projects connecting science and art:

  1. The Basic Lines and Shapes of Trees
  2. Drawing Leaves Using Symmetry
  3. Audubon’s Scientific Illustrations and Upside Down Drawing
  4. Creating Rhythm in Abstract Art with Fibonacci
  5. Atmospheric Perspective and the Science of Light
  6. Identifying Trees with Texture

A package with these lesson plans, plus the combined supply list and shopping list is also available!

Science Meets Art Drawing Package

Studying Great Artists: Baroque Through Impressionist 

I’m so excited to begin the 3rd quarter of cycle 2 fine arts! This is when we get to study artists from the Baroque, Neoclassical, Romantic, Realistic, and Impressionist Periods. In my opinion, these are the best time periods! (Confused about Art History? Get help here!)

We’ve updated our lesson plans for Cycle 2:

I also hope to add a few more lesson plans about other artists from the Neoclassicism, Romantic, and Realism periods in late 2019 (Maybe Jacques-Louis David, Thomas Cole, and Winslow Homer?)

Amazing Artist Extras

We also have these fun extras for teaching your students about these great artists:

Here’s our 2016-2017 blog post series about the amazing artists we study in cycle 2 of Classical Conversations:

  1. Saving Christmas with Amazing Artist Lesson Plans
  2. Drawing Facial Expressions Like Rembrandt
  3. Drawing Botanicals like Linnaeus
  4. Painting Landscapes Like Gainsborough
  5. Plein-Air Painting like Monet
  6. Capturing Action Like Degas
  7. Glob it on like Morisot

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