CC Cycle 2 Art Lessons

Are you ready for Cycle 2 Art?

Baroque – Impressionist Artists Package; Great for Classical Conversations Cycle 2

Drawing Lessons Coming Soon!

In the spring of 2019, we’ll be adding some 1st quarter drawing projects connecting science and art!

We’ll also be adding some alternate 3rd qtr art lessons to choose from!


I’m so excited to begin the 3rd quarter of cycle 2 fine arts! This is when we get to study the Baroque, Classical and Romantic period artists. In my opinion, these are the best time periods.

(References to Classical Conversations do not constitute or imply endorsement by the company.)

Baroque – Impressionist Artists Package- Cycle 2


Here’s our seven part blog post series about the amazing artists we study in cycle 2 of Classical Conversations. Here are links to the whole series:

  1. Saving Christmas with Amazing Artist Lesson Plans
  2. Drawing Facial Expressions Like Rembrandt
  3. Drawing Botanicals like Linnaeus
  4. Painting Landscapes Like Gainsborough
  5. Plein-Air Painting like Monet
  6. Capturing Action Like Degas
  7. Glob it on like Morisot

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