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Are you busy? Planning art projects that focus on the fundamentals (the grammar) of art takes hours of time. However, there’s no need to spend your limited free time reinventing the wheel by writing art lesson plans. I want to give you my complete art lesson plans for your homeschool community so you can reclaim your time.

Cycle 1 Art Lesson Plans are Arriving!

We’re busy reading art books, watching art videos, and experimenting with all different sorts of art projects so we can bring you some awesome art lesson plans for your next school year. The first six, which focus on drawing skills, are already available. We hope to have the last 6 ready for purchase in April or May. Until then, we’d love to gift you a free sample lesson plan when you sign up for our email list. You’ll be notified when the lesson plans are available and how to take advantage of our exclusive Early Bird Sale!


No one wants to spend their evenings and weekends writing lesson plans. We all want to just relax… maybe read a book, watch our kids play soccer or chat with friends…  But how can you relax with all these art projects hanging over your head?

“What exactly are we going to do for art each week? How can I make this art project work for both 4 year olds and 12 year olds? How can we make sure we’re teaching some real art principles in such a short time block? What supplies should I purchase?

I get it, over the years I’ve been a Classical Conversations SR, Director, and Foundations tutor and plenty of my evenings and weekends have been anything BUT relaxing. However, I’ve started creating all my art lesson plans ahead of time so I can share them with you! No need to re-invent the wheel- I’m sharing all my lesson plans with you here, so you can relax too!

Here’s a preview of what I’m working on (Available Spring 2018)

You can follow my progress here as I finalize more of the details of these new art lesson plans! As the lessons become available, I will link to them!

Drawing with Ancient Art

  1. Lines and Shapes in Prehistoric Art: Investigate cave paintings and rock art as we learn about the basics of drawing and the Elements of Art.
  2. Drawing King Tut’s Mask Using Symmetry: Explore the idea of symmetry while learning about Egyptian art and drawing the sarcophagus of King Tut.
  3. Drawing Greek Gods Using Upside-Down Drill: Learn more about the “Upside Down” drawing drill and use it to recreate the art from a rare piece of greek pottery: Dionysus’ Cup.
  4. Abstract Celtic Art: Examine the intricate patterns of Celtic / Insular art and recreate a simple version of the Celtic Knot.
  5. Drawing the Parthenon using Linear Perspective. Practice the mathematically based skill of linear perspective (1 or 2 point) that was formalized in the Renaissance period and use it to draw the famous Greek Parthenon.
  6. Illuminated Manuscripts: Learn about the Medieval art of creating illuminated manuscripts and create your own by drawing your choice of patterns, figures, plants and animals!

These 6 lesson plans are available individually or, at a discount, in the “Ancient Art Drawing Package,” which is ideal for weeks 1-6 of Fine Arts in a cycle 1 Classical Conversations Foundations community.

Ancient Art Drawing Package- Cycle 1

Ancient Artists (Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque)

  1. Giotto and the Arena Chapel: Learn about how this Gothic era artist ushered in the techniques of the Renaissance in his paintings of figures in the Arena Chapel. Then practice painting Giottos figures.
  2. Ghiberti and the Gate of Paradise: Learn about this child prodigy who created relief sculptures that Michelangelo later called “Gates of Paradise.” Then create your own clay relief using air dry clay (or homemade clay- recipe included).
  3. Angelico: Learn about this humble artist and his beautiful, realistic depiction of Biblical scenes. Then practice drawing people using the technique of foreshortening.
  4. Durer and the Wood Block Prints: Learn about Renaissance artist Durer and his amazing stamp-like wood blocks. Create a “stamp” of your own using a simple pencil and foam.
  5. Michelangelo:  Learn about the creator of the Sistine Chapel and the Pieta. Then make your own sculpture using air dry clay (or homemade clay- recipe included).
  6. El Greco: Learn about this imaginative artist who resisted the Renaissance’s accurate portrayal of nature, ushering in the Baroque era. Then use inaccurate proportions to draw your own abstract art.

These six lesson plans will be available in the “Ancient Artists Package” at a discount!

Don’t forget about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We want you to LOVE teaching art so you can give your students all the benefits of art and creativity in their education!

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