Catalog of Art Lessons

Here I will list our art lesson plans out in several different ways. Since some lessons cover multiple topics, you’ll see them repeated under different headings

Drawing Lessons

A significant number of our art lesson plans focus on the skill of drawing. Every improvement you make in your drawing skills can then be used for creating art in any other media, like paint, colored pencils, even clay!

We offer a free lesson plan about drawing a space shuttle using symmetry. You can get it here when you sign up for our email list:

You can purchase our drawing lesson plans in packages or individually. Here are some pre-made packages, but you can also create your own package: Just put $30 or more of single items (not packages) in your cart and use the coupon code 30OFF for a 30% off discount! 

Drawing Lesson Packages

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Basic Drawing Lessons

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Perspective Drawing Lessons

Beyond basic drawing principles, we like to teach the basics of drawing with the 7 Methods of Perspective:

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Beyond Basic Drawing

Art Lessons about Color

Color is so much fun that we love to incorporate it whenever we can:

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Abstract Art lessons

Abstract art can take so many forms! In some ways it’s super simple, yet there’s still a lot we can learn about it:

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Art Lessons by Media

If you have a specific media in mind, you may prefer to look at the lesson plans arranged this way. Keep in mind, that most lesson plans are flexible enough to allow you to use a different medium than suggested.

Lessons using Colored Pencil

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Lessons using Paint

All our painting lessons are general enough that you could use whatever paint you have on hand: Watercolor, acrylic…

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Lessons using clay

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Lessons Using Chalk Pastels

You might notice a lack of chalk pastel lessons… Confession time: I just can’t stand the stuff! Dragging a piece of chalk on paper is like nails on a chalkboard to me! I suggest (aka You Are An Artist) for lessons using chalk pastels!