Cartography Video Course

Most students feel overwhelmed at the thought of drawing the whole world, by hand, from memory. However, with this Cartography video course, anyone can do it!

Let me show you how!

Why Take this Course?

For far less than the cost of a private tutor, you can have someone show your student, step by step, at their own pace, how to draw each region of the world. 

Students will:

Independent learning

Independent Learning

Learn independently with videos, PDF documents, or printable instructions, freeing up more of mom and dad’s time.

Geographic Connections

Connections through Geography 

Learn world geography, which will make all the other subjects come to life as you visualize a map for locations mentioned in the rest of school and life.

step by step cartography

No More Tears 

Leave behind anxiety about how big this task is as I lead you through step by step, with instructions for daily work, one region at a time.

Europe, labeled from memory

Immediately Available

Get started right away- All regions are available now!

mom helping two kids with homework

Reusable with Younger Children

Have lifetime access to this course on the Teachable platform to use as many times as you’d like with all the students in your single-family household.

draw the whole world easily

Seamlessly Connect All Regions

Connect each region into one worldwide map with clear step-by-step instructions 

Cartography Video Course

The course includes everything in the PDF package, plus narrated videos of how to draw each region, step-by-step, and a few more bonuses!

Looking for more help, you can find all our cartography-related resources here.