Cartography for Geography

  • Cartography [ kahr-tog-ruh-fee ] noun 1. the science and art of making maps
  • Geography [ jee-og-ruh-fee ] noun 1. the science dealing with the areal differentiation of the earth’s surface

So “Cartography for Geography” is where we create/draw maps in order to learn about the earth’s surface.

Drawing maps is such a great way to learn geography. It combines visual and kinesthetic activities while helping a student notice details. You don’t have to produce a beautiful map in order to learn the shapes of places or their names. The goal is just to learn!

It’s easy- I promise! Let me show you.

We have 3 main ways we can help you with cartography:

Cartography Video Course
PDF Instructions
Cartography Tips

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Announcement! We just released a video-based course using these step-by-step instructions!

The course includes everything in the PDF package, plus narrated videos of each step-by-step, and a few more bonuses!

Anyone Can Draw the World – Video Course:

Cartography video course

What’s been your experience with map-making? Got any questions or tips you want to share? Let me know on Facebook or via email: julie (at)