The Anyone Can Teach Art Book

Thank you so very much for your interest in my upcoming book about how to teach art using the Classical Model of Education! Your support and encouragement mean soooooo much to me!

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January 2019 Update: I’ve been working hard and the rough draft is done! So now I’m working on self-editing and then, once I ship it off to some real editors, I’ll get to work on illustrations! I really hope to have it available for sale before the summer (of 2019).

March 10, 2019 Update: I finished the second round of self-editing this week and sent it to Deanna (my sister, who you know from our Anyone Can Teach Art podcast) for a read through.  It’s crazy how nerve-wracking that was. Have you ever felt nervous about something that probably didn’t merit it? The next step is to hire a professional editor and cover designer!

March 29, 2019 Update: The cover is done! Isn’t it beautiful? The editors are working on the book now and I’m finalizing all the images for the book! 

July 15, 2019 Update: I’m done with the changes from the second round of professional editing, but I’m still working on all the images for the book. 

December 9, 2019 Update: I received the book back from my 4th round of professional editing. Now I need to go through all the suggested changes! I know books take a while but I sure didn’t expect all the ups and downs of the editing process.

January 2020 Update: Yay! All the editing is done! Now it’s time to format the book for Kindle. At first, the book will only be for sale on Kindle (at Amazon). Later I’ll format it for print and other digital versions and publish it widely.

Thanks again!

-Julie Abels

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