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Best of Renaissance Artists- Podcast #45

It’s time for a celebration of the Renaissance period! Are you ready for a quick overview of Renaissance artists? This ‘best-of’ episode is a sample of about 10 minutes of each of our six episodes about Renaissance Artists (#36-41). This will be a great refresher for you and your kids if you listened to those episodes when they aired this past fall, but it’s also a great introduction to these artists. So, I highly encourage you to share this episode with your friends who may not have heard of our podcast.

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Please note: Starting with season 3, in April, new episodes will be released every other Thursday (not Mondays like season 1 and 2). 

You can find the full-length episodes on each episode’s page (or iTunes, Stitcher, or GooglePlay)

We also mention episode #13: Art History- How to Go from Confused to Confident

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