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Audubon and The Birds of America- Podcast #51

John James Audubon had a passion for birds and he loved exploring America and discovering the many unique species of the land.

This podcast correlates to one of our lesson plans: Audubon’s Scientific Illustrations with Upside-Down Drawing- Lesson Plan. It’s available on its own or as part of our Science Meets Art Drawing Package.

John James Audubon

Audubon was a famous explorer, scientist, and artist. He’s known for his scientific illustrations of birds, which were published in a book named, The Birds of America.

I was wrong about it when recording the podcast, but have since learned that there are 13 copies of the original hand-colored book still in existence! In June of 2018, a copy sold for $9.65 million!

You can find some of Audubon’s Original watercolor paintings at the New York Historical Society.

Things We Mention

Personal Renaissance: I’ve finished updating our Baroque – Impressionist art lesson plans with the Van Gogh lesson plan added!

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