Art Teacher Kit

Thank you for purchasing this book. I’m so glad you’re interested in teaching your children art and I want to help you in any way that I can. You can find helpful free art content at the website and on our free bi-monthly podcast, also called Anyone Can Teach Art.

However, I have something special, just for you, the reader of this book. I’m passionate about helping you teach art, so I’ve put together an art teacher kit. I sell the items in this kit separately for $20, but you can download it for free as part of the Anyone Can Teach Art book. The kit is a set of five printable art posters for your classroom. You saw these pictured throughout the book and now you can print a nice color copy to hang up in your homeschool room. The posters include:

  • The Elements of Art
  • The Principles of Design
  • Art History Overview
  • The Methods of Perspective
  • The Color Wheel

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