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Art Resources

I love the spirit of generosity I’m seeing among so many online businesses right now. Knowing that there are a bunch of people stuck at home, feeling a little confused on how to act, and maybe a little anxious, many businesses have made extra resources free for you while we all weather this ‘storm’ of sorts. 

I really wish I had the time to do a bunch of free Facebook live videos for you here, and maybe I will get to do a few, but we’re still trying to finish our homeschool year strong while figuring out how to do class online.

For now, I wanted to list some of the great art resources other businesses like mine have made available to you. Yes, in one way these are my competitors. That’s ok. We’re in strange times and I know the calming therapeutic effect art can have on kids and adults alike. So, my priority is to point you towards the resources that can help you do art. 

Here’s a list for you. I’ll try to keep adding to it as I see more!

Art Resources from Ridge Light Ranch

Art Resources from Others

Beginner Artists

Advancing Your Art

  • John Muir Laws focus on nature journaling. He has amazing books and a nice active Facebook group for nature journalers.
  • The Virtual (Art) Instructor has made 25 hours of his content free right now! He has and some truly excellent online courses inside his subscription program. This is the art curriculum I use for myself and suggest to adults and older kids (Jr High and High School) looking to take their art to the next level! I highly suggest you try out his stuff!

Crafts for Kids

  • Cassie Stephens has a wealth of fun crafty resources including Facebook Lives and YouTube videos and ebook. I find her stuff especially suited to the preschool – 2nd graders.

Art Appreciation / Art History

  • Take Time for Art has a very informative Instagram account and has a subscription-based art club with historical hands-on projects.
  • Artist in School– is a YouTube channel with fun 1st person videos about the lives of famous artists.
  • Art History for Kids– has a free sample from her subscription p
  • Khan Academy: Art History– this is a giant website for learning all sort of different subjects. I used it mostly for learning about art!

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