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Art Projects for Making Gifts- Podcast #63

We’re talking about fun art projects you can create as gifts for others.

Tile Coasters

  • Blog post about coasters: How to Make a Custom Coaster in 30 Minutes
  • Blog post about Tracing: Tracing Is Amazing! I have A LOT to say about tracing. If you’re specifically looking instructions on how to trace using carbon paper or the graphite transfer method, check out this blog post: Six Simple Art Tracing Methods
  • Staz-on ink is great for stamping an image onto a coaster.
  • You can buy cork in rolls or in 4″ squares from Amazon or a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I’ve been using 1/8″ thick cork but I don’t think it matters too much how thick it is.

Tile Trivets

This works just like a coaster, but you use a larger tile!

Wood Art

Wood slice ornaments-

  • I’ve been using 3 1/2″ – 4″ diameter pine wood slices to create ornaments with Sharpies and Colored Pencil.
    • They’re usually around $3 each at a craft store or less than $1 eaach if you buy in bulk from Amazon. I’ve purchased from several Amazon sellers and I like AGEOMET best so far.
  • If you’re wood burning (the art of pyrography), I suggest upgrading to Birch or Poplar wood. I had a great experience buying from AbbyOaks on Etsy. Recently I’ve connected with Teena at AbbeyOaks more online and learned they’re a homeschool family too! She’s offering Ridge Light Ranch fans a special discount of 10% off with the coupon code: RLR10! If you use this link to visit their shop, I think it applies the coupon code for you: www.etsy.com/shop/Abbeyoaks?coupon=RLR10
  • If you’re using colored pencil on the wood, you’ll want to spray it with a fixative to prevent smearing. I like Grumbacher’s spray fixative but other brands will probably work just as well. (This is one item that I think Michaels sells cheaper than Amazon.)

  You can also draw on or wood burn other wood items like cutting board, spoons, walking sticks…

Wood Burner: I currently use the Wall Lenk L101KB Woodworker-foots 10-in-1 Tool Kit, which is usually less than $30 (but I’m trying to pick myself out a fancy one!) UPDATE: We just bought a Razertip SK with exchangeable tips. It gives me better control of the heat and an easier grip. Once I figure out which tips I use the most, I’ll probably invest in a few fixed-tip pens for it!

You can see all our favorite art supplies on our Art Supplies page. Also, check out the next podcast episode (#64) all about how we pick out art supplies!

If you’re drawing a pet portrait you’ll want to start with a great photo. Check out this helpful blog post: Drawing a Pet? Start with a Great Photo!

Apps I use to help me draw: Sketchme app for apple, Grid# app for apple.


Iron-ons: Digitize your art, print it onto an iron-on transfer sheet, and iron it onto a t-shirt, tote bag, or other fabric surfaces!

Dyed Fabric: You can also use dyes to create beautiful scarves, t-shirts, etc


Use clay to create a phone stand, spoon rest, Pencil can, treasure chest or anything else!

Check out our Introduction to Clay here.

Painted Terracotta pot

Paint a plain terracotta pot and then add a plant for the plant lover!

  • Tip: Don’t draw your art at the very bottom. This way it can sit in a tray and your art still shows.)

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